Continuing the work of Jesus...

Peacefully. Simply. Together.

... a dedicated community

We choose Jesus' way of peace and reconciliation.


Like other Christian believers, we believe Jesus is our Lord, our Savior and our Example. 


... a peace church

WE are...

... followers of Jesus Christ

Come join us! Sundays @ 10:45 AM


We want our life together to demonstrate God's kingdom by emulating the simple pattern of the New Testament church. We seek to understand the bible together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We look for personal experiences of Jesus and His forgiveness to produce in us a new way of living. 

6 Principles of Pietism

What We Value

1. Earnest study of the Bible in small groups.
2. Every Christian a minister.
3. Put love into practice.
4. Gentler, more respectful, evangelism.
5. A holy life is more important than theological knowledge.
6. Encourage faith, inward transformation and the fruit of good works.

  • Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Worship and Prayer.
  • Following the example and teachings of Jesus and the New Testament.
  • Love, kindness and mutual encouragement.
  • The life, giftedness and calling of every member.
  • Our life together as a family.
  • Serving others. 
  • Mercy and Social Justice.
  • Peace and Reconciliation